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A general construction corporation specializing in the design and construction of turnkey bulk material handling and storage facilities. Our years of experience and full service approach allow us to quickly provide confidential budget quotes, including lay out drawings, at no cost to you. When our design and budget quote meets your approval we will follow up with a firm quote. Our goal is to work with you to develop a master plan for your facility that is state-of-the-art but cost effective.

About Us:

Agrico Sales has been building bulk handling and storage projects, under the Agrico name since 1987.  Frank Kelly, Owner and President, is the founder of Agrico and has been building construction of projects for bulk solids since 1973.

We have designed and/or built projects for grain, pet coke, coal, aggregates, ores, chemicals, fertilizers, sugar, salt, woodchips, soda ash and cement.

We design and build: shiploaders, barge loaders, belt conveyor systems, blending systems, stockpiling/reclaim systems, railcar and truck loading and unloading systems, as well as bin and barn storage. We also build entire facilities that include several of these components.

Upon awarding of a contract to Agrico, our worldwide projects typically follow these steps:

  • A registered in-house Civil and Mechanical engineer, with a staff of AutoCAD and SDS2 draftsmen, designs and engineers the project
  • We fabricate the structural steel in our own shop, utilizing computer numeric controlled (CNC) equipment for speed, accuracy and economy
  • Upon completion of the fabrication, the steel is hot dipped galvanized or painted to the customers specifications
  • Upon delivery to the jobsite, Agrico crews assemble and erect the equipment
  • Agrico electrical, instrumentation and control crews electrically connect the equipment
  • We offer the option of providing the supervision of customer supplied labor for the erection and electrical installation
  • Upon completion of the project the same crews that erected and electrically connected the equipment assist in commissioning (startup) of the project

About Our Shiploader:

We are very excited about the Agrico Shiploader. It is based on a design that has been in use at a grain terminal in New Orleans for more than 40 years. We updated the design and have built fifteen shiploaders. These loaders, telescope in and out and can have a maximum reach from 27.4m (90ft.) up to 45.7m (150 ft.) from the center of the tower and rotate up to 360 degrees. They can load any type of flowable product that can be handled on a belt conveyor. Loading rates from 300 to 10,000 tons/hr are available. Trimming spoons are available to assist with final trimming of the ships.

Our new shop

Agrico built a new manufacturing shop in 2015 on 26 acres zoned heavy industrial with water access to allow us access to load shiploader components directly onto a barge. Features of the 140’ wide x 400’ long with a 51’ eave height shop include: six 15 ton cranes, two 35’ x 42’ slide doors, fully insulated with seven 20’ (250,000 cfm) ceiling fans, compressed air piped down each column, a 12“ thick pile support concrete floor and a 2 story 36’ x 150’ office / storage area.
We have consolidated all our equipment into one place including a Franklin CNC angle line, Peddinghaus CNC beam line and Messer CNC Plasma Drill.
Our current projects include:

Bunge (Destrehan, LA) - Three fixed tower (150' reach) shiploaders to load grain to Post Panamax vessels as 120,000 bu/hr. Shiploaders are the 21st-23rd loaders of this design.

United Bulk Terminal (Davant, LA) - One fixed tower (150' reach) shiploader to load coal or petcoke to vessels at 6,000 tons/hr. The project also includes 12,000 ft of 72" 6,000 tons/hr conveyor belt and four dual wing stackers.

Our completed projects include: (Click on highlighted phrase for pictures)

TEMCO (Kalama, WA) - Two fixed tower (150' reach) shiploaders to load grain to Panamax vessels at 120,000 bu/hr (3265 mtph).

Pinnacle Renewable Resources - (Prince Rupert, Canada) - One fixed tower shiploader with a 110’ boom reach to load wood pellets at 2000tph to Panamax ships.

Kinder Morgan - International Marine Terminal (Myrtle Grove, LA) - One fixed tower (150' reach) shiploader to load coal or petcoke to vessels at 4,200 tons/hr.

EGT (Longview, WA) - Three fixed tower shiploaders with 132' booms to load grain to Panamax vessels at 3600mtph. This project is for a new export grain terminal on the West Coast of the USA. These shiploaders are the 13-15th loaders of this design that Agrico has supplied.

Enviva Port of Chesapeake (Portsmouth, VA) - Retrofit an existing traveling ship unloader to a ship loader including tripper and dual spouts for wood pellets and limestone.

Texoma Wheat Growers (Texoma, TX) - Three 24m(78'9") X 20m (65'9") X 334,000 bushels in each grain silo. Conveyors and associated equipment tying these silos into the elevator are included.

Agrico completed a grain terminal expansion that added three (3) shipping bins to the CHS export grain terminal in New Orleans, LA. The project included feed and reclaim conveyors that connect the bins into the rest of the terminal as well as dust collection in this turnkey project. Agrico built the original six (6) shipping bins in 1994.

Shiploader - Puerto Ordaz, Venezuela – 6,000 ton/hr iron ore shiploader that will move 457m (1500’) up and down the dock, in order to load both vessels that can berth at the dock at the same time.

Agrico completed a design/build project for Ansac, to replace an existing soda ash shiploader in Port Arthur, TX. The new shiploader can load at 2000 mtph. Agrico's scope also included the dismantling of the old shiploader spout. The old shiploader tower was incorporated into the new loaders feed system, helping to keep costs down. The new loader began loading within three (3) weeks of taking the old loader out of service.

Grain Terminal – Dalhart, TX – Complete facility with 5) bins totaling 1,096,000 bu, aeration, truck receiving, elevator legs and truck scale - Project #6 for this customer

Grain Terminal – Follett, TX – Complete facility with 3) bins totaling 903,000 bu, aeration, truck receiving, elevator leg - Project #2 for this customer

Petroleum Coke Storage bin – Chalmette, LA – 10,000 ton capacity – Project #11 for this customer

Exxon - Petroleum Coke Truck Load Out System – Baton Rouge, LA – receiving hopper, 500 ton/hr conveyor, 77 ton load out bin, truck scale and truck wash

Rock Import Terminal – Tampa, FL – 4,000 ton/hr – engineering and fabrication of 12 conveyors for transferring aggregates from ships to ground storage

Agrico Sales designed, supplied and supervised the installation of a complete grain terminal in Ventspils, Latvia. Completed in the summer of 2005, this Baltic Sea Port receives railcars of grain from Kazakhstan, stores up to 73,000 metric tons of grain and loads Panamax or smaller vessels, at 1500 metric tons per hour. Annual throughput is projected to be 2.5 million metric tons. Agrico’s design includes environmental considerations and can be easily expanded, at a later date.

Agrico Sales was chosen by NPI, LLC. to design, supply and supervise the installation of a woodchip shipping terminal in Valdez, Alaska. The project included five independent and portable conveyors that receive woodchips from a dozer trap feeder and delivers them to Panamax ships along a floating dock. The 60” x 1000tph conveyors are portable in order to allow snow removal and use of the area for shipping other products. The project completed in August of 2004.

Oxbow/Aimcor in Texas City is a repeat customer for Agrico Sales. Our latest project was the demolition of the existing pet coke shiploader, modification of the shiploader feed conveyor and the design, supply and installation of a new 2500mtph Agrico shiploader. Upgrades to the Texas City terminal electrical and control system were also included in Agrico’s scope of work. The project completed in September of 2004, with only seven weeks of downtime, for the shiploader change out.

A design/build bulk handling facility in Garyville, LA USA for Marathon Ashland Petroleum, LLC, for petroleum coke. This project, at a new petroleum coker, included engineering, fabrication and installation of all equipment necessary to: receive product from the coker, crush it, transport the coke on over 3,352m (11,000 ft) of 36" and 54" belt conveyors, stack on an emergency outdoor 7,500 ton pile, reclaim it, store in a 500 ton surge bin (on load cells) and load river barges at up to 650 tons/hr. This system also included a 900' long floating dock and a complete HMI (Human Man Interface) electrical control system, as well as magnets, metal detectors, a two stage automatic sampler, paved or unpaved roads and fencing.

A design/build project to build a 32m (115') shiploader to load specialty grains in Panamax class ocean going vessels. This job included engineering, fabrication and installation for Vancouver Wharves, LTD in Vancouver BC Canada.

A design/build bulk handling facility in Aruba for Coastal Refining Corp., for petroleum coke. This project, at a new petroleum coker, included engineering, fabrication and installation of all equipment necessary to: receive coke from the coker, crush it, and stack it on an outdoor 65,000 ton pile, reclaim it and load ocean going vessels at 1,650 tons/hr.

A design/build storage and handling facility for petroleum coke in New Orleans, Louisiana. USA. This project included five (5) 27.4 m (90 ft.) diameter calcined coke bins with a total storage capacity of 50,000 tons; one (1) 27.4 m (90 ft.) X 129.5m (425 ft.) green coke storage building with a storage capacity of 15,000 tons; 1280 m (4,200 ft.) of 300 and 400 ton/hr belt conveyors and a barge dock for receiving and shipping both materials. We built this project for CII Carbon, LLC.

A design/build dock loading installation for calcined petroleum in Chalmette, LA USA. The system included three (3) 27m (90') radius shiploaders on 46m (150') centers. The shiploaders and 274m (900') of conveyors load at 450 tph. The multiple shiploaders allow Handymax ships to load without moving.

A design/build grain terminal expansion including six (6) 1,000 ton shipping bins with 457.2 m (1,500 ft.) of 2,500 ton/hr belt conveyors, and installation of a complete automation system for the entire grain facility (176 bins) located in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. This facility was built for Ferruzzi Trading U.S.A.

A design/build 120ft. x 650 ft. (38,000 ton) partitioned bulk fertilizer storage building; 1,100 ft. of 300 ton/hr belt conveyors; two truck load-out systems and a river receiving facility, all of which is at W.B. Johnston's Port 33 terminal in Tulsa, Oklahoma. USA.

A design/build 10,000 ton bulk storage building, with automated filling and reclaiming belt conveyors, for synthetic gypsum in New Orleans, Louisiana. USA. This facility was built for National Gypsum Co.

A design/build railcar to barge unloading facility for fertilizer. This project includes 1500 ft. of 42" 1,100 ton/hr conveyors that feeds a barge loader complete with a cover handling hoist. We also installed a belt, rail scale and a 100 ton overhead load-out bin to fill rail cars from the existing ship-unloader. We built this project for LoneStar Industries.

A design/build project for a 27.4 m (90 ft.) model shiploader to load calcined petroleum coke onto ocean going vessels. This job includes engineering, fabrication and installation of all the handling equipment for Great Lakes Carbon in Port Arthur, Texas. USA.

In addition to the above, we have built over 1,000,000 tons (35,000,000 bushels) of grain storage and related handling equipment - mostly out of our office near Amarillo, Texas. USA. (see photos)

Agrico is proud of our repeat customer's (customer list). We believe this best demonstrates our customers satisfaction with our work.

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