Agrico Shiploaders:

Agrico designs and manufactures shiploaders, for dry bulk products, worldwide. If the loading location is a new site we believe that our fixed shiploader can save you a considerable amount of money, due to lower foundation costs, while providing several advantages over other designs.

Our fixed shiploader is based on a design that’s loaded two ships per week, for over 40 years, at a grain terminal in New Orleans, LA.

This design installs a single or multiple fixed tower, rotating and shuttling shiploader(s) that are supported on the ship’s breasting dolphins or land based piles. The total cost of our multiple shiploaders is typically the same or less than a quadrant or linear shiploader.

Since this design uses the breasting dolphins or land piles as shiploader supports, you save the entire cost of the foundation required for other style loaders. We estimate this savings to be US$10 million or more.

Agrico recently finished erection of our 19th shiploader of this design.

Our loaders shuttle in and out with a boom length of 27.4 meters (90’) to 45.7 meters (150’) from the center of rotation and rotate up to 360 degrees. They load any type of flowable product that moves on a belt conveyor. Ships of any size can be loaded, at a rate up to 10,000 mtph.

There are no cables or winches in our system eliminating much of the usual maintenance, as well as the safety risk of a cable break or brake failure.

The boom and tower are assembled and wired offsite, into two large components. The belt conveyor on the shiploader is installed and pre-shipment tested. These two large components are floated to the location, where pre-assembly and pre-wiring allow for quick erection, minimizing business interruption at the jobsite. If freight is a concern, we can ship the shiploader(s) unassembled in containers and on flat racks and assemble them onsite.

Our shiploader is radio remote controlled, which allows the operator to control loading from anywhere in the dock area, including from the deck of the ship, facilitating better communication between the terminal and the ship.

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    1. PROVEN DESIGN — The Agrico shiploader is based on a design that’s been in operation, at a grain terminal in New Orleans, for over 40 years
    2. PROVEN SUPPLIER — In 1994, Agrico began manufacturing shiploaders. Agrico is currently manufacturing its 21st-23rd shiploader.
    3. SAFETY — Because the Agrico shiploader utilizes rack and pinion drives (shuttle and slew), our shiploader eliminates the catistrophic accidents associated with cable and winch failures
    4. LOWER FOUNDATION COSTS — Agrico’s fixed shiploader(s) usually have significantly lower foundation costs than quadrant or linear loaders
    5. LOW MAINTENANCE COST — No cables or winches means less maintenance and more operational reliability
    6. OPTIONAL EASY INSTALLATIONS — Agrico’s offsite assembly of the shiploader(s) and associated conveyors, into two large pieces, can result in quicker and less disruptive erection at the site
    7. STANDARDIZATION — Agrico’s shiploader is built around standard parts
    8. REDUNDANCY — Multiple loaders offer operational security over a single loader
    9. HIGH CAPACITY — Load rates up to 10,000 tons per hour are available
    10. SEVERAL MODELS —We build models to load any size and configuration bulk carrier
    11. EFFICIENCY OF TRIMMING SHIPS — Two or three Agrico loaders save 3-5 hours loading time per ship by not needing to stop loading to switch holds, like mobile loaders.
    12. RADIO REMOTE CONTROLLED — Operation of the complete system can be performed from anywhere in the dock area, including the deck of the ship, enhancing communications
    13. LOW LABOR REQUIREMENTS — One operator can usually operate the shiploader(s) as well as plant conveyors delivering product to the shiploader(s)
    14. EASILY EXPANDED — Additional Agrico shiploaders can be added easily at a later date
    15. EASY ACCESS — Able to load ships on both sides of the quay
    16. ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY — Agrico shiploader’s require smaller foundations, meaning less disruption to fish breeding areas.


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    The boom section of an Agrico Shiploader

    Erection of the boom section of an Agrico Shiploader

    An Agrico shiploader loading a Handymax class ship



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