Grain Elevators:

  1. EXPERIENCED PEOPLE – Our key employees (with hire date) include Frank Kelly - ’73, David Weeks - ’80, Kevin McKean - ’82, Charles Hartman - ’90, Bill Remmenga -’91, Leo Mariani – ‘91, Gid Emery, P.E. - ‘94, Roy Rogers - ‘94, Wally Breaux - ‘95 and Bob Rieck - ‘.96. Of course most of these people had significant experience before Agrico.

  2. 35,000,000 BUSHELS.  Over the last 20 years Agrico has built many large bins (see attached list).  A lot of these jobs are for repeat customers which demonstrate our dedication to quality construction at a fair price.

  3. INTERNAL ENGINEERING.  Agrico has utilized the services of Gid Emery, P.E. since 1994.  Although they are a separate company his presence in our building has made a significant improvement in our projects.   Our management, shop people and superintendents have daily contact and input in the engineering process.

  4. INTERNAL SHOP.  Agrico has a fabrication shop in our building in New Orleans.  Our CNC angle line, beam line and plasma table enable us to fabricate major projects on-time and at a very economical price (recently fabricated 90% of 2 mile $20 million conveyor system).

  5. ELECTRICAL DEPARTMENT.  Mike Hill heads up our electrical division.  Mike was the electrical superintendent for major grain terminals in the New Orleans area before coming to Agrico.  He is experienced with all phases of automation and works with our electrical engineers to build a system that works and is easy to maintain.

  6. FIELD CONSTRUCTION DEPARTMENT.  David Weeks heads up this division. He is assisted by Kevin McKean and Bill Remmenga.  They have over 50 years of experience with Agrico between them.  David & Bill have both been superintendents of large elevators so they have unique knowledge of what is critical to operations.

  7. FIELD EQUIPMENT.  Three hydraulic cranes, four late model rough terrain forklifts, 2-ton truck, two electrical trailers, numerous welders, small trailers, pick-ups etc.

  8. SUPPLIER RELATIONSHIPS.  We buy from the major grain equipment manufacturers including Behlen, Brock, Caldwell, Essmueller, Hutchinson and Dodge.

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